Professional Recognition.

Australian Government Accreditation

The courses that are government accredited are delivered on behalf of our RTO, Stirling Institute of Australia (RTO ID 21132).

Government accreditation is the most stringent of accreditation that a hypnotherapy qualification can be awarded. It proves that these qualifications are the most rigorously maintained; that they are continually striving to keep up with the latest research, better position their course material, and best prepare their students for every possible outcome at the end of their qualification.

If you are looking for value for money at the end of your qualification, and perhaps more importantly during your qualification, look for a qualification that is fully accredited by the Australian Government.


Australian Hypnotherapists Association

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association is the largest Hypnotherapists Association in Australia, andprovides the best professional body for practicing hypnotherapists.

The Academy of Hypnotic Science hashad a long standing relationship with the AHA, and continues to be one of its most highly regarded trainers.

On completion of any of the courses run by the Academy of Hypnotic Science, the alumni have theopportunity to join the AHA, and be part of a growing, and well regarded, professional body.

National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia

The National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia is the single biggest register of professionally practicinghypnotherapists in Australia.

To find a hypnotherapist, this can be vital. The Academy of Hypnotic Science’salumni, once joining the AHA, all have the ability to join the NHRA.

This Register provides a great way of hypnotherapists just starting to get their name into a professional register.

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia is the country’s peak body for Hypnotherapy. The Academy of Hypnotic Science was a founder member.