Academy of Hypnotic Science is the only government accredited training delivery organisation in Victoria to specialise exclusively in Hypnotherapy.

We have been in the profession long enough to know what it takes to become an excellent Hypnotherapist – and also what it takes to build a career as a Hypnotherapist, too.

30 Years of Experience
Dedicated to Hypnotherapy for more than 30 years

We like to say that our training has two aspects: to share with you the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to do Clinical Hypnotherapy and see the common presenting issues; and at the same time to share with you the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist – which is not at all the same thing.

There’s not much point being a great therapist without clients! Our training school has decades of experience, training people just like you. So too do our trainers, who collectively have seen many thousands of clients, and who are all currently practicing as Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Thus they bring with them not only many, many years of theoretical knowledge, but current client experience and practical techniques. Our trainers also have qualifications in training, ensuring that not only do they have the knowledge, but the ability to share that knowledge with you.

That means they provide you with an unmatched level of understanding and support. In many cases they themselves trained with us here at Victoria’s home of hypnotherapy, once upon a time, many clients ago! Want to meet them before you even walk through the door? With more than 30 years as Victoria’s home of hypnotherapy, Academy of Hypnotic Science is a great place to be!

Practical Coursework

Taught by experienced trainers

The Academy of Hypnotic Science is incredibly proud that our graduates go on to be outstanding practicing hypnotherapists.

Our team of dedicated, helpful, experienced trainers impart all the skills and knowledge necessary to get out there and start helping clients. Practicing applying hypnotherapy techniques is a core component of all of our hypnotherapy courses, as we know that this is the only way to prepare you for the workforce.

We give our students every possible opportunity from undertaking practical, hands-on lessons, to practicing their techniques with other students and even offering our training rooms for students to see real clients. If you want to learn real, practical hypnosis that will prepare you for a career in clinical hypnotherapy then the Academy of Hypnotic Science is the only choice.

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Flexible Courses

Classes that suit your schedule and budget

At the Academy of Hypnotic Science, we know that everyone has different aspirations when taking the course, and we offer a range of different study options to suit your lifestyle, and your ambition!

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Professional Recognition

Highest levels of internal and external scrutiny

The Academy of Hypnotic Science is accredited by the most respected professional bodies in the hypnotherapy Industry, as well as the courses we deliver on behalf of Stirling Institute of Australia, being accredited by the Australian Government.

Accreditation is important because it not only ensures the highest level of quality for your course, but also boosts your career options as a graduate lending you credibility and entrance into professional organisations. One of the most important questions you can ask a potential provider of hypnotherapy training is “Do you have government accreditation?” All courses provided by Stirling Institute of Australia (RTO 21132) are, and the Academy of Hypnotic Science specialises in the delivery of their Hypnotherapy qualifications.

Because that’s what we do best, and have been doing for more than 30 years. It is important because government accreditation is the most stringent of accreditations that a hypnotherapy training organisation can be awarded. It proves not that these training organisations are the best, but that they are continually striving to keep up with the latest research, better position their course material, and best prepare their students for every possible outcome at the end of their qualification.

If you are looking for value for money at the end of your qualification, and perhaps more importantly during your qualification, you must attend a training organisation which is fully accredited by the Australian government.

Supportive Environment

Extensive support from day one to alumni

One of the most common phrases we hear in our end-of-course evaluations is ‘I love the supportive environment at The Academy’.

At the Academy of Hypnotic Science we are outcome focused, and our goal is to have every student achieve their aims. We know every student by name and care about your educational journey, and strive to work alongside you every step of the way.

From our classes to our Professional Development Program, we provide a network of support that ensures every students has the tools they need to succeed.